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At Active Life Fitness, we consider your unique story when helping you choose your personalized workout program. Age, gender, exercise experience, health history, injuries, goals and personal details—these all factor into the exercises we choose for you and the type of coaching you receive. Here’s a look at how our program works and how we recommend exercise programs to our new members.

How To Get Started With Your Active Life

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After you submit your information, we will be in contact to set up a quick phone call to ensure ALF is perfect for you and your goals.

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Feel Stronger and Love The Way You Look

Through strengthening and stabilizing exercises, we help you feel more confident in your ability to move.

We’ll help you maintain the strength to do the things you love.

Regain Flexibility, You'll Start To Wake Up Feeling Great Again

Don’t let an aging body keep you confined to basic movements.

We’ll help you train your body to move better, with a broader range of motion, without any accompanying pain.

Get The Stamina Back You Once Had. Fast.

Whether it’s hiking, swimming, golf or just getting through the day, we help you build stamina that keeps you going.

This energy is the definition of feeling like a kid again!

The Unfortunate Truth About Most Gyms And Studios

Most of the fitness studios you find across the state are for anyone and everyone. They give you the weights and space to work out – but fall short in keeping you accountable, and giving you the community of like-minded motivated people to succeed. Most of our members before joining Active Life Fitness report that they disliked going to the gym, and grew bored of the same workouts over and over from classes or trainers. We design our programs to be tailored to your needs and exercise level, regardless where you are starting from.

We Have Every Tool You Need To Be Successful

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, generic gym—it’s a place where you’ll find individualized attention, encouragement and understanding. We don’t just provide weights and space: we help individuals over 40 find and walk the road to better health and wellness—whether that means weight loss, strength and mobility, or rediscovering youthful energy.

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Small groups give you the best of both worlds when it comes to individualized training and the support of others around you who are working toward their own health and fitness goals. Come and experience the rush of energy and motivation that comes from a small group training experience!

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Looking to maximize your results or have specific weight loss or wellness goals in mind? We’ll work one-on-one with you to achieve them. Our personalized sessions empower you with individualized attention, real-time feedback and the encouragement you need to stick with it and get stronger.

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Can’t make it into the gym? We offer virtual coaching to help you get up and get moving at home or wherever else you might be. Our virtual coaching sessions are great for those who need a little boost of motivation or who want to make sure they’re staying on-track, even when they’re not at the gym.


The road to weight loss, better health and improved strength starts and ends in the kitchen. We teach you how to supplement your hard work at the gym with proper nutrition at home. No, it’s not about diets or starvation—it’s about knowing what to eat, how much and when, for smarter decision-making.

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Is shoulder pain giving you a slice? Trouble bending to putt? Can’t trek through 18 holes like you used to? We help you get back in tip-top shape, so you can hit the links in Union County, NJ ready to drive, chip, pitch and putt your way to an average that’s under par. We can’t fix your drive, but we can give you energy!

What Our Community Is Saying

Prior to joining ALF, I was sluggish and not motivated to make changes to my body or well-being. Plus, I never felt comfortable at a gym but since ALF I have made improvements not only in my mind and body but in my overall confidence.

I now eat healthily and never miss my workouts because I feel great and I don’t want to feel NOT great anymore! The personal trainers keep me highly motivated. I’ve improved my self-esteem to the point that I want to inspire others in their own journey to a healthier lifestyle.
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Jean Curry
Active Life Fitness
The supportive atmosphere they have created at ALF always makes working out a pleasure. You never get bored of your workout, they are constantly challenging you while always making sure that your form is good and safe.

I went from being a running dropout and not exercising for four years to finally being able to stick with a program. It feels great to be strong and healthy again!
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Brigid Robertshaw
Active Life Fitness Member
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Take Charge. Feel Amazing.

We’ve put a lot of thought into the way we’ve designed and equipped Active Life Fitness. Owners Kim and Marty Musikant were personal trainers at a health club for many years, and they knew what people didn’t like about large fitness centers. Our concept is a prime example of addition by subtraction: a gym that doesn’t feel like a gym.

Here’s what you won’t find at Active Life Fitness:

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