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Do You Have a Dream?

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Back in the day, when the kids were young, at this point in the summertime, we would start to count down the last low-key remaining days until the start of school. While

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The Choice Is Yours

I have a new rule about purchasing clothing; if I’m not in love with it, I don’t buy it. If that means my wardrobe is more limited but what I do have I actually wear and feel great in, I’ll take it. I have articles of clothing in my closet

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Two Simple Drills To Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf season is right around the corner (like we have to tell YOU that!) When the courses thaw out and the weather mellows, I know you will be out there swinging. Every golfer I know is always looking for an edge to improve their game. They will take lessons with

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9 Mistakes You May Be Making at the Gym

You don’t warm up.  Warming up is vital to get your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles ready for the more intense work to follow.  Including a warm up can lead to a better workout and therefore better results!                        

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Stand Up for Yourself

You may have heard “sitting is the new smoking”. I’m not ready to say sitting for most of the day is just as bad as filling your lungs with smoke, but here are some of the problems that may be associated with prolonged sitting. Movement impairment because of: A loss

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Love the List

LOVE THE LIST! My brother Dave and I used to love making lists.  He was always the initiator. In fact, he had all kinds of list on his computer.  We would discuss our top tens of all kinds of things:  movies, rock and roll bands, actors, actresses, albums, quarterbacks and

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