Articles by KJ Bryant

Do it Anyway

I was out on one of my thinking walks the other day and was reminiscing about a workshop I had attended the weekend before. At this fitness conference, one of the speakers, Martin Rooney asked us to do what I thought was a ridiculous activity. He wanted this room full of

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Exercise Will Change your Life

Twelve years ago my world came crashing down on me.  All of my hopes and dreams for the life I had planned were shattered.  My marriage was over, and I had become a depressed, angry, exhausted mother of three children under the age of seven.  My self-esteem was at an

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What do you Fear?

On the day of our Grand Opening Celebration, my husband and business partner asked me if I was going to be saying a few words that evening. I was annoyed at myself for not preparing something ahead of time but responded to him by saying, “No, I forgot”. I have

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Striving for Excellence

I recently attended a workshop in New York City led by Phil Scarito, one of 12 master trainers in the world at StrongFirst, founded by Pavel Tsatsouline. In the world of kettlebells and martial arts, he is, like Madonna, recognized by one name: Pavel. He started the Russian Kettlebell Challenge,

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How to Keep Your Blood Sugar Steady

What if you decided to slow down and be more conscious of everything you consume versus yearning for everything you can’t have? What if you decided to enjoy healthy foods and savor each bite instead of complaining how boring nutritious food is? It all starts within your mind and in

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That Was Then, This Is Now

About seven years ago, I was at a party where the hostess was telling what she thought was a funny story about me, in front of a bunch of people. Her story was the day she witnessed me in my car, screaming and carrying on while stuck in a line

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