Outdoor Small Group Training at Active Life Fitness

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Our qualified team of personal trainers in Garwood, NJ will ensure you are on the path to feeling the best you have in years. It’s what we do after all. You won’t find a more impressive team of experts to put you in the best position for success

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We host outdoor small group training to help you breathe a little easier as you embrace the path to an active lifestyle. There’s no better way to get fresh air and find the motivation to succeed in your daily workout!
Our parking lot is anything but scenic, LOL!
Our outdoor small group training sessions and large group cardio classes are just what you need to get fresh air and sunshine while getting a great workout! We address flexibility, strength, and cardio and just like our indoor workouts, we utilize free weight, medicine ball, band, and bodyweight exercises.
Our outdoor small group training is a wonderful experience and a great alternative to the usual gym session. 

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