Would you knowingly eat poison? I know you wouldn’t, but
if highly processed foods are a regular part of your diet, you’re doing just that!
Being a fitness coach of 24 years doesn’t automatically make me a perfect eater. I love a good chocolate chip cookie or a bowl of ice cream as much as anyone.
But I look at those things as a once-in-a-while treat while sticking to my regular diet of whole foods and minimally processed foods.
Eating highly processed foods can increase your intake of preservatives, food dyes, sodium, sugars, or trans fats.
Overeating these foods can increase your risk of chronic pain and inflammation and chronic diseases, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.
If you’ve wanted not only to get healthier but also to feel better and lose weight but have been confused by contradicting nutrition advice, there is one indisputable way to change your health, body, and life.
Reduce or eliminate these harmful foods from your diet!
Some examples of highly processed food that many people eat daily:

sugary drinks
syrups and jams
chocolate and candies
potato/tortilla chips and pretzels
sauces, dressings, and gravies
yogurt with added “fruit” and sugars
ice cream and frozen desserts
bakery products like muffins, cookies, and cakes
bread with added sugars
fast foods like French fries and burgers
frozen entrées like pasta dishes and pizzas
instant oatmeal
processed “meats” like sausages and deli meat

I recommend making a list of all the processed foods you eat regularly, slowly but surely, taking them out of the rotation, and finding healthy, whole-food substitutes.
I guarantee the changes you make in your diet will have you feeling, moving, and living much better!

Marty Musikant

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Marty Musikant

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