Are you planning on setting some fitness goals for yourself?
If so, here are some expert tips to ensure your success.
Set a PROCESS Goal in addition to an OUTCOME goal.

The process: perform strength training 3 x each week
The outcome: put on 2 pounds of muscle.

It could take a bit of time to put on 2 pounds of muscle, but you could be successful at the process goal immediately. Build on your successful processes; eventually, you will reach the desired outcome if you are consistent and stick with it.

Your Process and Outcome Goals should be SMART goals.

Specific-“I want to do strength training 3 times per week” is specific, unlike
“I want to do more strength training.”
Two pounds of muscle rather than “some muscle.”
Measurable: 3 times per week can be measured, as can two pounds of muscle.
Achievable: Do your job and family obligations allow you to strength train 3 times a week? Is it possible to put on 2 pounds of muscle? Of course!
How about 15 pounds? Not likely, unless you’re 25 years old.
Relevant: Is it relevant to your goal and your lifestyle? If you want to run a marathon, doing strength training 3 times a week isn’t relevant to that goal.
Timely: An outcome goal may be time-bound (putting on 2 pounds of muscle by March 31, 2024), but lifting 3 times a week can continue indefinitely and may lead to setting another goal once the first is achieved.

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