What if I told you that you could:

  • Gain more energy?
  • Lower your cholesterol and/or blood pressure?
  • Lose body fat?
  • Gain muscle?
  • Get stronger?
  • Move better?
  • Hurt less?
  • Spend less on co-pays at the doctor’s office?
  • Inspire others?
  • Have more self-confidence?
  • Improve your health?
  • Feel younger?
  • Age better?

Sounds pretty good, right?

I really don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want this. 

I’ve had thousands of conversations like this in 22 years of doing fitness consultations and honestly, it’s extremely rare for someone NOT to want these things.

The prospect usually says, “That sounds great! What do I have to do and how much is it?”

When I tell them the commitment and the price, many say, “I’m in! When can we get started?”

While others say, “That’s too much of an expense.”

I’ve never questioned anyone’s ability to pay because I know a person’s financial situation is none of my business.

However, I have been known to point out the difference between an expense and an investment. I can speak to it because I have first-hand experience with this.

Since 2014, when Active Life Fitness was in the planning stages, my partner Kim and I have worked with business coaches.

We’ve spent lots of money in 7 years but never looked at it as a cost or expense. 

Instead, this investment in coaching has yielded great returns!

In fact, we will always have business coaches as long as we’re in business

Investing in a coach has helped us to start a business from scratch, manage our growth, build entrepreneurial skills, learn marketing concepts and strategies, and become better leaders to our team. 

We also invest heavily in our education. Workshops, seminars, books, and mentorships all give us a great return on our investment.

If you have always looked at the money spent on gyms, fitness equipment, or coaching as an expense, then you may always be searching for solutions but never taking action. 

I hope that you will give this more thought and think of all things you spend money on that yield nothing more than fleeting gratification but no lasting satisfaction.

So, if you need help, get help!

And whether you choose us to coach you or someone else, I’ve done my job helping you to see that investing in yourself is NOT an expense!

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