“I’ll start after work gets back to normal.”

Nope. Start now! There will always be a reason why you should put it off until…the sooner you start the closer you’ll be to getting the strong, healthy, fit body you’ve always wanted.

Everyone knows January is the month people usually start fitness routines with reborn motivation.

Gym memberships increase and personal trainers get busy because from Halloween through New Year’s Day, it’s party time!

Fitness goals take a backseat to candy, sweets, feasts, stuffing, and holiday parties.

The month of September for gyms is a lot like January.

That’s because July and August resemble November and December except there are different challenges like backyard BBQs, boardwalk food, and frozen cocktails!

So you may be familiar with this yearly cycle:

  1. January, highly motivated, start to get fit
  2. February, still somewhat motivated, get fit
  3. March, losing motivation, getting away from good habits
  4. April, lost motivation, stopped good habits. Weight creeping up.
  5. May, gained back some motivation, summer’s coming. Weight moving down.
  6. June, passed Memorial Day, summer’s here, let’s party!
  7. July and August, full summer mode, gaining weight and inches
  8. September, renewed motivation, boy did I get fat in the summer!
  9. October, in a good groove with exercise and nutrition
  10. November, holiday season, “I’m too busy”, weight gain begins again
  11. December, it’s bad, but I’ll wait until after New Year’s.

Don’t you agree it would be better for your health and fitness if you maintained a consistent exercise and nutrition routine all year round? 

Our advice? Break the cycle!

Make time to exercise and to meal-plan, no matter what the calendar says.

You’ll be healthier, stronger, leaner, and happier all year round.

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