What are you doing with your 164 hours?

We all get the same 168 hours every week. Assuming you work out four times per week for an hour, it leaves you with 164 hours. Are you using those hours dedicated to becoming healthier? Or are you making decisions that take you in the opposite direction? 

Do you go to the bar for happy-hour after work or do you take a walk in the park?

Do you meal prep for the week on Sundays or are you too tired?

Do you get eight hours of sleep or are you running on empty?

Are you able to take a breather from work and de-stress or are you overworked?

The decisions we make all day long will affect our health in a more positive way or a negative one. The choices we make every day will either help us to reach our goals or not. Examine how you choose to use your time, and you will get the answer on whether or not you will achieve your goals.

What are you doing with your 164 hours?

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