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I was making small talk with a gentleman in front of me on the supermarket check-out line. At one point, I said, “Maybe this whole thing will make us a kinder, gentler nation.” Without pausing, he answered in classic Jersey style and said, “I doubt it.” We both laughed.

Life has become uncertain and more fragile than it was even a week ago.  Lately, I fight to stay positive amidst these difficult times. But, what if the silver lining surrounding the current health crisis is that we become kinder to one another? Maybe we can make a difference in the life of one person during this period, such as an elderly neighbor who needs a few items at the store. Doing for others also makes us feel good, and feeling good is vital to our health as well.

I started to think about other positive outcomes during this time, such as taking control of our health and getting our immune systems more robust. Now, more than ever, should we take charge of our health. Controlling how much sleep we get, how we manage stress, what we put in our mouths, and if we are moving our bodies enough are all essential ways to build our immune systems.

My hope for everyone is to stay healthy, strong, and happy.

Be Well,

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