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Twelve years ago my world came crashing down on me.  All of my hopes and dreams for the life I had planned were shattered.  My marriage was over, and I had become a depressed, angry, exhausted mother of three children under the age of seven.  My self-esteem was at an all-time low, and I knew I needed to make some changes. Although I was always physically active, I preferred running outside and exercising in my living room.  I needed a change and some adult interaction, so I joined the Westfield area Y. I took a lot of classes and continued to run, but it wasn’t until I hired a fitness coach, who gave me guidance and motivation and started me on a resistance training program, that my fitness began to soar! As my body became stronger, so did my mind.  As a result, my confidence rose, my outlook on life became more positive, and my future seemed more hopeful. My passion for this new found “strong body strong mind” connection was thrilling and I wanted to share it with others. I began the process of getting my first fitness certification and started teaching at the Y. In my case, becoming stronger gave me the confidence to face one of my biggest fears – public speaking. My desire to help, teach and inspire others was so much stronger than my fear of getting in front of a group of people. Exercise had started to help me change my life.

Four years later, I was ready to take on another challenge. The NYC marathon had been something that was very intriguing to me.  I often wondered what it would feel like to accomplish such a feat and visualized myself running through the finish line. Training for a marathon seemed to be a metaphor for my life. The grueling training sessions that required pigheaded discipline and determination exemplified the work it took to put my life back together. Exercise once again had given me the burst of confidence to realize I could accomplish big and great things! And it could do the same for you!  

If you are carrying around excess weight, feel lethargic on most days, have back pain, or are self-conscious about your appearance, it’s time to start an exercise program. If you have trouble getting on the floor to play with your grandchildren, become out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs, have bad posture, or are depressed, it’s time to start an exercise program. Which one of these are you?
I want you to grab a piece of paper right now and write down everything you want to change.  Think about what you want, not what your spouse, your mother, or what you think society wants for you. Then, I want you to write down why it is important to you. This goal setting exercise will force you to clarify what you want, motivate you to take action, and enable you to see your progress.  I have helped many people achieve their goals for health and wellness. The individuals who succeed know what they want and why they want it.  Those who succeed use pigheaded discipline and determination to reach their goals. They never give up, even when there are setbacks. They find a friend or fitness coach to encourage them. No more “I don’t have time,” no more “I don’t like to exercise,” no more “I’m not mentally there yet.”  After you write your goals down, I’d love to hear from you. Please send them to kim@activelifefitness.net so, together we can turn your goals into reality and change your life!

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Kim Musikant

Kim Musikant

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