3 Reasons Why Middle-Aged Women Need a Personal Trainer

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According to BMC Women’s Health, about half of women decrease their regular exercise routines during middle-age. Combine this with the reduction in metabolism and muscle loss during this stage of life, and we have got ourselves a perfect storm of weight gain and obesity.

According to a study published in 2014 called, Factors Influencing Adherence to Regular Exercise in Middle-Aged Women, 

Middle-aged women are more inclined to exercise if they have:

#1 An established daily structure that incorporates exercise

For most middle-aged women, the day’s activities have a hierarchy, and exercise is low on that list. This is a time in our lives when careers and family obligations take precedence. Hiring a personal trainer is the solution to structuring your days to include exercise. When you have an appointment with a personal trainer, chances are you will show up.

#2 Anticipated positive feelings associated with exercise

Some women just don’t like the feeling of exercising or may find that it’s boring. Don’t wait around thinking that you will wake up one day and suddenly feel excited about exercising. If you haven’t felt it yet, chances are, you ain’t gonna feel it any time soon. A personal trainer who is waiting at the door with a friendly smile (underneath the mask, of course) is the solution to making exercise “palatable.” Also, knowing that your workout partners are there to cheer you on is another way to feel good about exercising. (That is if you are participating in small group training).

#3 Accountability! 

This is a big one. In the 14 years, I have spent in the industry, this is a common theme. I cannot count the number of times clients have said, “If I didn’t have an appointment with you, I would not exercise.” AND “I didn’t want to come, but I knew you were expecting me.” AND “No offense, but I really don’t want to be here.” No offense taken at all, I would say and then laugh. Personal trainers make you accountable. Period!


To read the entire article, click here: Research study on middle-aged women

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