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At our gym, located a few minutes from downtown Mountainside, you will receive a comprehensive training program, expert personal training, and nutritional guidance, to help you to Feel Younger and Age Better!

Marty and Kim Musikant, Owners and Founders of Active Life Fitness

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Mountainside Personal Training

Residents of Mountainside, age 40 and over, who want to feel younger and age better, now have a place to achieve those goals. Active Life Fitness, in nearby Garwood, is the only gym in Union County owned and operated by certified Functional Aging Specialists. Our members come to us so that they can each live a happier, healthier and more active life. They want to be able keep participating in activities that they have enjoyed for years or get in better condition to take up something new.

The median age in Mountainside is 46 and 53% of its residents are over 45. Many enjoy an active lifestyle, playing tennis or golf, hiking in the Watchung Reservation, swimming at the "Y", or riding a bike through the hilly trails in town. Others simply love to work in the garden or chase their grandkids around the yard. Unfortunately, there are some who are still sitting on the sidelines, without the energy, strength or flexibility to participate.

If you would like to "get off the bench and on to the field", Active Life Fitness is here to help. You will receive a customized fitness program and expert coaching from our Functional Aging Specialists during our motivating semi-private training sessions and large group classes.

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Working with our personal trainers who understand the aging process and the needs of the older adult you will:

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We have quite a few members from Mountainside. Here is what a few of them have to say about Active Life Fitness:

Mountainside Personal Training Reviews

Active Life Fitness Personal Trainers & Gym

Active Life Fitness Personal Trainers & Gym - Rated 5/5 based on 12 customer reviews.
Personal Trainer Review

I am inspired by their support!

Personal Training Review

I have trained with Marty and Kim for over four years. They are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring that my workout program is tailored to my specific needs. Marty and Kim are consistently attentive - always encouraging me while watching my form and correcting it when necessary. I am inspired by their support and commitment to my success. I highly recommend Active Life Fitness for a healthy, fun and rewarding journey.

Personal Trainer Review

Fun & Motivational Training!

Personal Training Review

Marty and Kim are excellent trainers who always encourage each of us to do the best that we can and move ahead to meet our goals. All of the other clients I have met are very nice and fun to train with.

Personal Training Review

My Strength and Balance Has Increased Greatly!

Personal Training Review

Since training with Kim, my balance and strength have improved tremendously. I tried on my own but didn't have the knowledge of what to do to accomplish my goals. Kim shows me what group of muscles I am working and the exercises I need to do to target problem areas (balance, core, upper and lower body strength). Not only does Kim have good training skills and knowledge but she is very supportive, a great motivator and makes exercising enjoyable.

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