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At our gym, located a few minutes from downtown Clark, you will receive a comprehensive training program, expert personal training, and nutritional guidance, to help you to Feel Younger and Age Better!

Marty and Kim Musikant, Owners and Founders of Active Life Fitness

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Clark Personal Training

Feel Younger, Age Better with a Fitness Program Designed for Clark Residents

Clark residents, age 40 and over, now have a personal training gym dedicated to the unique wants and needs of this underserved population. Clark is home to three large health clubs, each one having thousands of members. However, it can be difficult to get the personal attention many older adults want at these mammoth, corporately owned "big box" gyms. Oftentimes members become just a number and whether or not they get results is secondary to corporate profits.

Many potential members do not even want to go to these health clubs because of the "I want to get in shape first" mentality. This is likely because the clubs' marketing material usually contains young, slim, muscular, and scantily clad women and men. Many people look at that and say, "that's not for me" or "I don't fit in there."

Personal Training Designed by Aging Specialist

At Active Life Fitness in Garwood, we dispel the notion that people must be in shape or under 40 years old to go to a gym. We want to help you get in shape and change your life. Our members range in age from 39 to 83, come in all shapes and sizes, have many different abilities and aptitudes, and bring with them varying degrees of exercise experience. The one thing they all have in common is that they are looking to get better every day. They have goals which include weight loss, strength gain, better flexibility, and improved performance (in sports and in life).

They come to Active Life Fitness for the personalized programming, the expert coaching from a team of experienced personal trainers, the challenging workouts, the intimate setting and the camaraderie that develops from our group personal training model.

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Many of our members are from Clark and here's what a few of them have to say about Active Life Fitness:

Clark Personal Training Reviews

Active Life Fitness Personal Trainers & Gym

Active Life Fitness Personal Trainers & Gym - Rated 5/5 based on 9 client reviews.
Personal Trainer Review

I haven't felt this great since my 20's!

Personal Training Review

I had dedicated most of my time, energy and money to raising my three kids. Now they are grown and mostly independent. I finally decided to take care of ME. Besides walking, I had never exercised before and the coaches at ALF progressed me gradually, with a program that challenged me but didn't "kill" me. I haven't felt this great since my 20's (pre-children). I've found a gym to call my own. Thanks Kim and Marty.

Personal Trainer Review

I've Never Been More Motivated!

Personal Training Review

I had always done one on one personal training. Training twice a week at a local health club for many years was losing it's luster for me. Trainer turnover left me with a new trainer 2-3 times per year and I usually was assigned to the "new guy". The gym kept raising its prices and my trainers were getting younger and younger! It was time for a change. A friend of mine told me about ALF and how they cater to my age group. I was reluctant to try group training, but since joining, I will never go back to one on one. The group dynamic is motivating and you can't beat the value of this gym membership. Most importantly, my results have been far better than with my past trainers.

Personal Training Review

I'm Hooked!

Personal Training Review

I've always been fit, or at least I thought I was. I tried running, reformer pilates, yoga, barre, spinning, zumba, step aerobics and every other class you could imagine. I was a "gym hopper", never sticking with anything. I came to Active Life Fitness thinking this was just another thing I would try. I had never really had a personalized program before and now I'm hooked. I'm seeing the biggest change in my body than any of the other stuff I've tried and I'm here to stay.

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